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Lunch or Dinner at Kan Zaman Village
Starting From $33

Enjoy the traditional atmosphere and village ambiance with a meal at Kan Zaman

Kan Zaman (translated as "used to be in the past") was an old Ottoman village that served the Caravans who passed through the area.

The structure features traditonally built limestone walls and vaulted cielings with wide corridors, open terraces, and beautiful views of Amman and the surrounding landscapes.

The village was more recently transformed to a traditional village featuring the Kan Zaman Restaurant serving some of the best in Jordanian and Regional cuisine, a traditional wood oven bakery, and several shops producing and selling local crafts and souvenirs, and a Shisha Terrace.


This is a great opportunity to get a feel of the way of life that people from that era lived. The village is located 15 Kilometers south of Amman and is aimed at preserving the heritage of that era and the rich history of the region.



Set Menu Meal comprising a selection of hot and cold Appetizers and Mezzas, Main course of Mixed Grills, and a selection of fruits and desserts.

Transportation to the location is not included. If you need transportation, we can gladly provide it. 

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