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Street Foods of Amman

Experience some of Jordan's most sought after foods in some of Amman's old neighborhoods.

The best reflection of a culture is its food. It explores and reflects its diversity, complexity,and the richness. 

This is a great opportunity to see what the Jordanians eat during their everyday life, in the street foods. These foods are the local equivalent of the fast foods, but offer the more authentic flavors.

The tour like activity will take visitors to some of the oldest and best known establishments offering sandwiches and quick foods and sweets. 

Starting with a quick meal of Hummos, Foul, and Falafels at Hashem, which until today, recieves locals, foreigners, and dignitaries from around the world to taste the oldest and best in Amman.

Afterwards, a Shawermah Sandwich at Reem. Also one of the oldest in town, they still maintain a high level of traffic, and a unique flavor to savor. 

Then continue for dessert at Habiba, the oldest establishment producing Knafeh, a special treat for sweets lovers.



Transportation in private vehicle.

Street foods menu with Humos, Foul, and Falafels. Shawerma Sandwich, and Knafeh plate.



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