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Snorkeling in the Red Sea

Take a snorkeling trip in the Red Sea and see the underwater wildlife of Aqaba's water

With great water temperature, excellent visibility, and vibrant wildlife, the gulf of Aqaba has become one the most sought after destinations for diving and snorkeling.

The unique mix of marine life has a lot to show and entertain both amature snorklers and avid divers alike. 

Take 2 hours tour on board one of the boats to one of the many dive sites that are suited for both. Shallow water ensures that you will get to see the great colors of the corals, fish, and other varieties of marine life of Aqaba. You can also charter a private boat, and maybe add a BBQ lunch.


Included in the snorkeling trip:

Boat Tour for 2 hours and snorkeling kit



Summer time:     Every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 15:00

Winter time:         Every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 13:00


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