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A modern and growing city, and the economic and business hub of the country, Amman is a city that looks even more and more appealing as the years pass by. With an endless selection of cafés and upscale restaurants, luxurious hotels, busy markets and large modern malls, Amman has much to offer you during the daytime and nighttime.


Being one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, Amman has a lot to offer. Amman’s strategic location and stable climate have been enjoyed by many great civilizations, leaving the modern city dotted with sights to see. The Roman theatre in Downtown and the Umayyad palace across from the Citadel, which was used by many great empires, are few attractions you may choose to begin your journey with in the bustling city of Amman.


Amman is an ideal location to start your visit in Jordan, as not only will find yourself surrounded by Jordanian cuisine, culture, history, but it will also introduce you to a stable, modern and young city in today’s Middle East.


Key Attractions:


The Citadel

Situated on a strategic hilltop in today’s downtown, its importance lies in a long history of occupation, as empires have used it since the Bronze Age. Most of the structures that are visible at the sight come from the Roman, Umayyad and Byzantine periods. A beautiful sight of integrated culture with a rich history, the Citadel is breathtaking, along with the view of the city skyline that surrounds it.


The Downtown Market

Explore the busy streets of downtown as you bargain your way through countless shops, or as you sip your tea from a café balcony, or tasting the famous local cuisine. The market is as Jordanian as it gets in the capital, and deserves some exploring, especially to get the most enjoyable experience.


Rainbow Street

This quiet neighborhood nearby Amman’s First Circle was transformed into an area that does not sleep, by boutique shops and cafes to shisha lounges and restaurants. Elegant and organized, Rainbow Street is a great way to experience the modernity of Amman and the young crowd which brings life to this city.


The Royal Automobile Museum

Discover the more recent and personal history of Jordan through walking around the Late King Hussein Bin Talal’s car collection, and learn about his life while being amazed while walking through the impressive armada of cars he owned.




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