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At Jordan’s southern-most tip, where the Red Sea caresses the Eastern shores of the Arab Peninsula, the thriving city of Aqaba is a commercial hub, modern port and, above all, aquatic playground. With more several kilometres of beaches, a host of bustling restaurants and cafes, and a temperature that rarely dips beneath the mid-20s, Aqaba is a Jordan’s year-round seaside getaway.

The city is also undergoing something of an upgrade, as a clutch of newly-built luxury hotels emerge by the beach and palatial yachts zig-zag across the turquoise waters. New resorts such as Tala Bay have even added additional coastline, createing new marinas and waterfront residences. What makes Aqaba genuinely significant as a tourist destination, though, is entirely hidden from view. Lining the sea floor and the sharp crags under the shoreline is some of the most remarkable coral reefs in the world – noted for their vibrant colours and quick generation. An ocean liner and military tank have even been deliberately sunk to create wreck diving attractions, although a simple snorkel will reveal a host of amazing marine life.



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