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  Wadi Rum 

The majestic desert landscapes, where brooding mountains rise from an ocean floor of red sand, have earned Wadi Rum the nickname “the valley of the moon”, and it is little surprise that its otherworldly vistas are in such demand by filmmakers – from David Lean’s classic Lawrence of Arabia to the multi-million dollar epic Transformers 2.

A four-wheeled drive tour through the monumental scenery takes visitors to natural rock bridges, canyons decorated by ancient cave drawings and springs where Lawrence himself stopped to quench his thirst. But perhaps the main attraction is the unending silence of a terrain that hasn’t changed for millennia.

Fully appreciating Wadi Rum, though, requires camping out under the awe-inspiring blanket of stars, dining on meals prepared over coals in front you and sipping sweet mint tea as you gaze into the embers. Waking next morning to the watery sunshine and mesmeric stillness might just be the highlight of your trip.

Key Attractions:

Rock drawings: Throughout Wadi Rum evidence of ancient civilisations are clearly on display. From the Nabatean etchings on the boulder at Lawrence’s Spring to Talmudic depictions of hunting in a gorge cut into Jebel Khazali.

Tea with the Bedouins: Brewed in large, black kettles placed directly on bonfires made from the scrub vegetation pulled from the valley floor, and served in small glasses, there is nothing quite like the flavour of tea made by the Bedouins.

Red sand dunes: Gathering in large, brick-red-coloured piles beneath Jebel Umm al-Aydya, the sand dunes almost beg to be climbed. Once there, having paused to take in the view, a galloping descent will return you to the valley floor in a matter of seconds. xperience the incredible buoyancy of the Dead Sea is a must for any visitor to Jordan. Simply ease yourself into the water, take a few steps – flip-flops a must – and let nature do the rest. Surrender to the effect, and you will be lost in a serene silence.



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