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  Mujib Nature Reserve 

Both adventure and comfort can be found at the Mujib Nature Reserve. You can explore the Reserve on foot, using several hiking trails, and take an excursion on the Dead Sea by a solar powered boat. An unusual Visitors’ Centre has been constructed alongside the Mujib Road Bridge, which is linked by a high-level metal catwalk to the Mujib River. The center provides information about the Reserve, restrooms, and a small shop selling local handicrafts.

The Mujib Nature Reserve, located within the deep Wadi Mujib gorge that enters the Dead Sea at 410m below sea level, is the lowest altitude nature reserve in the world. Furthermore, the Mujib Reserve enjoys a 1,300m variation in elevation between its different parts, as it extends to the Karak and Madaba mountains to the south and north, which reach 900m above sea level in some places.



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